Researching a Company

After applying to numerous jobs, finally you hear back from someone offering you the job or asking for more details. It’s a great feeling to see that mail in the inbox. But before you go ahead and accept the job or send in personal details, find out everything you can about the company.

  • A simple Google search should show you the company details. It is logical that a company seeking a telecommuter would have a website. (Nowadays who doesn’t?)
  • If you find the website of the company you can find out where it is located, what they do, who is the owner, the phone numbers etc.
  • If you have the phone number, you could also check if it is registered in yellow pages by doing a reverse phone lookup. Also check white pages.
  • Check domain name (e.g. registration on This may or may not give you enough information about who the domain name is registered to. Sometimes legitimate companies will buy domains privately since they do not want to be spammed.
  • Rip-off Report, Better Business Bureau are great places to check if there are any complaints filed against the company and if yes, what action the company has taken to rectify it. Keep in mind that some legitimate small businesses may not be registered with BBB.
  • You can also check on to find out if the company or the job is a listed as a scam.
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