Work at home Scams

How to spot a scam 

  1. The pay is too good for the job.
  2. The Ad is very vague about the job.
  3. Any job asking you to pay a fee for training manuals etc. Genuine employers never ask you to pay any fees. (Some genuine companies require a background check and will ask you to pay for it, but they will be upfront about this.)
  4. Any job that requires you to process a check. Run for your life! You could get in serious legal trouble. Here is more information on this scam.
  5. Re-packaging and shipping jobs. The employer sends you a batch of equipment and you are supposed to pack and ship these to customers. These are most likely stolen goods and you will be charged criminally, even if you were not aware they are stolen.
  6. Envelope Stuffing Jobs. There are no jobs where a company will pay you to stuff envelopes.
  7. Any work/business promising you huge amounts of money instantly.
  8. Always ask the company to provide you details about the job and itself. Genuine companies will almost always let you know what the job requirements are and what you will be doing.
  9. Do not send in your personal details unless you are sure the company is legitimate. (If the ad asks you to send in your resume, but does not have company details, always send in a brief resume with no personal details and ask for more information.)
  10. Always do your research. A simple Google search will give you lot of information on the company. If you are not able find anything, be cautious in sending your resume.
  11. NEVER EVER pay for a list of companies that hire telecommute workers. You can find these companies with a little research on your own. There are some websites were you can join as a member for a fee and they will do the research for you and provide you with latest job leads.
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